VR Table Topics : A TM World First

SCU Gold Coast toastmasters are claiming bragging rights to the worlds first ever Virtual Reality Table Topics successfully incorporated into a regular meeting.

How did we do it?

David (Treasurer) and Farai (VPM) were selected by our table topics master (Sally). Farai was the first to go while David  left the room. John (President) supplied the hardware (Samsung Gear VR) and also selected the 3 minute VR content (see below) that would be shown to the willing participants. Once Farai had finished, David then donned the mask and repeated the process.

For both David and Farai, this was their first induction into VR and they both indulged us in vivid descriptions about their experience in real time. The marriage of VR and Table Topics was a huge success and the idea was to extend the usual Table Topics exercise where participants need to think on their feet and respond to topics with absolutely zero time to prepare.

Afterwards, everyone else in the meeting watched the equivalent video in 2D and we were all able to reflect upon the different descriptions given by both David and Farai.

Lynda (VPE) suggested that next time we do this we use it as an opportunity to extend our evaluation skills. So next time we will incorporate a dedicated evaluator for each participant.

Well done to all involved – you are all now the pioneers of VR in Toastmasters.

20160505_174832 20160505_175255

This was the VR experience shown to the fellas.

Special thanks to Farai for permission to publish this.

Talk show – Toastmasters

This was on the airwaves last week and i tracked down the recording.

Highly recommended.

or click here to go to the website.

Top 20 unforgettable speeches

According to a poll conducted by the ABC, the top twenty unforgettable speeches are :

  1. Dr Martin Luther King Jr. I have a dream, 28 August 1963, Washington DC.
  2. Jesus. Sermon on the Mount. c27.
  3. Paul Keating. The Redfern Address, 10 December 1992, Redfern Park.
  4. Winston Churchill. We Shall Fight on the Beaches, 4 June 1940, House of Commons.
  5. Abraham Lincoln. Gettysburg Address, 19 November 1863.
  6. John F. Kennedy. Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. Inaugural speech 20 January 1961, Washington DC.
  7. Earl Spencer. Funeral Oration for Diana Princess of Wales, 6 September 1997, Westminster Abbey.
  8. Henry V Act IV Scene III. Author William Shakespeare c 1599. St Crispin’s Day speech made before the Battle of Agincourt (which occurred on 25 October 1415).
  9. Gough Whitlam. The Dismissal, 11 November 1975, Parliament House steps.
  10. Queen Elizabeth I. I have the heart and stomach of a king, 9 August 1588. (Address to the troops at Tilbury as the Spanish Armada approached Britain.)
  11. Nelson Mandela. An Ideal for Which I am Prepared to Die. Statement at trial, 20 April 1964, Johannesburg.
  12. Mahatma Gandhi. Non-violence is the first article of my faith, 23 March 1922, Ahmadabad.
  13. Socrates. Statement at trial condemning him to death, 399BC, Athens.
  14. Robert Kennedy. Address to National Union of South African Students, 7 June 1966, Cape Town University.
  15. Elizabeth Cady Stanton. We Now Demand Our Right To Vote, Keynote Address to Women’s Rights Convention, 19 July 1848 New York.
  16. William Wilberforce. Abolition of Slavery, 12 May 1789, House of Commons.
  17. Alfred Deakin. These are the times that try men’s souls, 15 March 1898, Bendigo.
  18. Pericles. Funeral Oration for the fallen of the Peloponnesian War, 431 BC.
  19. Mark Antony. Friends, Romans, Countrymen Lend Me Your Ears, Julius Caesar Act III Scene II. Author William Shakespeare c1599.
  20. Ben Chifley. The Light on the Hill, 12 June 1949, ALP Conference.
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